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Spider Control Canberra

Best Spider Control Services in Canberra, ACT

Spider Control Canberra – Spider control is extremely necessary to ensure that the dangers associated with spiders don’t affect you. There are different kinds of spiders that may infest your home. Before it’s too late, it’s very important that you consider the problem seriously and take stock of it. Professional spider control services provided by My Home Pest Control will ensure the complete removal of spider infestation. Spider infestation plays havoc with the well-being of you and your family.

Spider Control Canberra

On spotting spiders, you must immediately contact professional My Home Pest Control spider control services which can immediately help you with their expertise.

Common Spiders Found in Homes

Spiders can be a big threat to you and your family. Some spiders have the potential to cause havoc by causing harm enough to cause fatal mishaps. It’s important therefore to be able to know and identify the spiders so that you will be careful enough to prevent any harm. Apart from the common house spiders, the Black Widow and Brown Recluse are the ones that may pose dangers to your well-being.

  • Common House Spiders

    These are the most commonly found spiders that appear yellowish-brown and have an elongated abdomen. These spiders are usually found in closets, under furniture, on walls, basements and garages. Usually, these spiders spin their web around the doors and windows which are near any light source so that prey can be easily trapped.

  • Jumping Spiders

    These spiders are black in color with light markings along with short legs and compact shapes. Usually, the jumping spiders find their prey inside the structures. The jumping spiders are often found outdoors as well on tree trunks, bushes, decks, fencing and boards and outside of buildings. These spiders aren’t poisonous.

  • Long Bodied Cellar Spiders

    The color varies from pale yellow to light brown while the legs are long and skinny along with a small body. These spiders are found to make their webs in dark and damp places like the cellar, sheds, warehouses and barns. The cellar spiders are claimed to be poisonous but their mouths being weak can’t be used to bite on humans thus rendering these spiders harmless.

  • Wolf Spiders

    The body of a wolf spider is dark brown with light stripes or marks. The body is a bit hairy with long thin legs. The wolf spiders usually tend to remain nearer to floors or walls and even under the furniture. These spiders may come along with firewood inside the homes while outdoors these are usually found on timbers, stones, leaves and firewood. These spiders are capable of biting but usually don’t unless provoked. To catch preys the wolf spiders would rather run than make webs.

  • Black Widow

    The black widow spiders are among the most poisonous ones and it’s mandatory to identify and take proper measures to prevent any harm. These spiders have a red hourglass shape on the back and have a black and shiny body. These spiders can be detected around woodpiles and may find entry to homes through firewood. While the males usually don’t bite the female’s bite usually in defence while saving the eggs. Symptoms of a black widow spider bite may include fever, nausea, sweating and raised blood pressure. Timely treatment can prevent fatalities.

  • Brown Recluse Spiders

    The bodies of these spiders are light brown in colour with a dark brown violin-shaped marking on the back. These spiders are found outdoors in woodpiles and debris while indoors these are found under furniture, window mouldings and baseboards. These spiders are dangerous as they may bite in defence to make an ulcerous wound which may trigger fever and restlessness.

Signs of Spider Infestation In The Home.

If your house is having spider infestations then you can observe these signs which are listed below:

a. The number of spider webs is a clear indicator that your house is having spider infestations even though you are not seeing many spiders in the webs.
b. If you see a large number of spiders and some of them are old that means a big population is hiding somewhere in the house.
c. Spider attracts pests that feed on it like lizards. So if you see lizards then it may be due to spider infestations.

Why is Spider Control Necessary?

  • Spiders are unwelcome in a home as these are unhealthy and very scary to look at. Many people suffer from a phobia of spiders which itself is a good reason to get rid of these pests.
  • Many spiders are poisonous and therefore, it’s mandatory that proper professional spider control is done to eradicate the problem completely.
  • The spiders make cobwebs which are unsightly and make your home look unclean and dirty. It is important to ensure the well-being of the family and clean hygienic home.

Spider Control Canberra: DIY Ways to Control Spiders

  • Spider control isn’t an easy job as pesticides may be rendered useless as these mites usually don’t use their mouth to clean their bodies nor do these remain near to places that may come in contact with their bodies. Many spiders spend most of their lifecycle in the mesh of the web. Therefore to control spiders some method of direct contact is required to make the pesticide get in touch with their bodies.
  • The hole or space where the spider gets in and out can also be sprayed so that the bodies come in contact with the chemical.
  • Spiders feed on other insects and therefore by getting rid of the other sites may help reduce spiders in your home.
  • Sticky traps can be placed in areas where the spiders are most likely to be found like in closets and under furniture areas.

Our Effective Spider Control & Removal Process

Prior to the professional spider control process, you must properly de-clutter your home.

  • Inspection: A thorough inspection is done to find out the infested areas and determine which types of spiders are present.
  • Spraying of pesticide: The affected areas are sprayed with effective pesticides.
  • Outside treatment: The entry points are sealed and sprayed with effective pesticides to prevent re-entering of the spiders.

Why Choose Us for Spider Control Canberra?

We at My Home Pest Control, have a professional team with the best skills and expertise to deal with the spider infestation in your home. We offer the best spider control & removal services at the best affordable prices. we have plenty of reasons to put forward. As a leading pest control service provider, My Home Pest Control aims to provide the best service to the local people of Canberra. Therefore, you will get-

  • Skilled spider controllers
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  • Local spider fumigation experts
  • 24X7 hours emergency spider control
  • Customised spider removals
  • Modern tools and spider control methods

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