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Silverfish Control Canberra

Long-Lasting Silverfish Control & Removal Treatment in Canberra

Silverfish Control Canberra – Spotting a silverfish in your home can be a cringe-worthy moment. It is an indication that there might be plenty of them hiding in the nook and corners of your house.

If you are worried as Q@A about the prevalent silverfish infestation at your home, call the pest control experts of My Home Pest Control.

Silverfish Control Canberra

Eco-friendly Silverfish Control Canberra

Silverfish infestations occur in places with limited sunlight and air passage. As a result, residential premises are more likely under the constant threat of silverfish infestation. So, you need proper silverfish treatments to lead a pest-free home. For that, you can hire our Silverfish Control Canberra experts. We use eco-friendly pest control methods to remove silverfish from your home in Canberra. If you have any health issues, you can share them with us. We will keep your requirements in mind to serve you with an organic silverfish control service.

What is Silverfish?

  • Silverfish are small fish like insects found in the corners of your home. These pests like to stay and breed in places that are hot, dark and humid.
  • Silverfish are nocturnal, so they like roaming and working during the night.
  • They get their name due to their uncanny resemblance to fish. Also, they have shiny skin which is similar to fish.
  • But unlike fish, they don’t have fins but their movement style is somewhat similar to that of fish.
  • These pests move fast, so it might be difficult to catch them.
  • Also, they breed fast. So your home would swamp by them if you don’t pay much attention.
  • Their ability to multiply makes them so dangerous.
  • However, they don’t pose much harm to humans. People seldom get ill by silverfish.

What Do Silverfish Eat?

  • Silverfish eat starch-rich foods.
  • Also, these pests have a great affinity for paper. They like eating paper so much that they are usually found in old books and newspapers. People often find them in unused books and even book bindings.
  • They also tend to eat wallpapers and even clothes.
  • One of the reasons why silverfish are commonly found in homes is because people tend to spread newspapers in compartments and closets. Hence the silverfish feast on them and make the closets and compartments a breeding place.
  • They have been also known to eat old clothes. That is why they are also found in closets and attics as people tend to keep old clothes and newspapers there.

Silverfish Control Canberra: How to Keep Silverfish Away?

Silverfish can cause a menace at your home. They multiply very fast. Also, they can breed into your old clothes, books, newspapers and even food. It is better to keep them in check.

Here are certain ways to keep the silverfish away from your home:

  • Make sure that all your taps and faucets are working properly. If there is any leakage, then chance that the silverfish will reside near the area. As they look for places that are humid and damp, you must make sure that there are no leakages. Also, make sure that all your pipes are 100% working. Leakage can also take place in such places.
  • Store your old clothes in vacuum-packed bags. This will prevent the silverfish from getting inside. People often make the mistake of putting their winter clothes in closets without proper packaging. In such cases, the silverfish are already residing in the closets and then they attack the clothes. So if you want to store those winter clothes in closets, either pack them in plastic bags or put naphthalene balls in the closet.
  • Don’t keep old newspapers on the ground. Old papers are the silverfish’s most favourite thing. They can munch on old papers and books for almost their whole life. As a precaution, place them in places that get plenty of sunlight. Also, if you want to keep them in a closet or under a table, wrap them in plastic bags. Plastic bags are usually smooth on the surface. As a result, the silverfish have a hard time “walking” on these surfaces.
  • Keep all your food items in air-tight containers. Silverfish also like eating starch-rich food. As a result, they can feed on the food items kept in your kitchen. As a precaution, store the food items in containers. Also, if there are open packets, use a rubber band to seal their opening.

How Silverfish Infestation Can Be A Danger?

Silverfish mostly infect the places where clothes are stored like cupboards. They feed on clothes and keep on growing their population. The silverfish infestations can destroy your all clothes and bed. The presence of silverfish also produces a stinky smell. They can sometimes get in your touch which can give you irritation. they can also spread several health risks. So, call a professional pest controller today! You can hire My Home Pest Control also to solve your silverfish infestation problem.

Breeding Grounds of Silverfish

  • As stated above, silverfish can be found in places that are dark, humid and hot. So they are most expected to be found in corners that are hard to access.
  • Also, people often find them living in attics and closets. These places are sought after by the silverfish as find it as a suitable breeding place.
  • Since their favourite places of habitat should be humid, they can be found in your bathrooms and kitchen also. Especially under kitchen faucets.
  • Also, if you have small compartments in your bathroom, chances are that the silverfish would already be breeding there.

The Best Way To Get Rid of Silverfish

The best thing you can do to remove silverfish efficiently is to leave the silverfish infested area under direct sunlight. Silverfishes avoid sunlight and frequent air passing. Therefore, with adequate light and air, the silverfishes will leave. However, if the infestation is severe, it is better to hire a professional silverfish controller from your locality and let the experts serve you with the needed solution. You can avail of My Home Pest Control experts in Canberra for the best silverfish control service.

Why Hire My Home Pest Control to Get Rid of Silverfish?

As mentioned above, these little pests can cause havoc in your home. They usually eat into pretty much anything that is old or starch-rich. Dealing with them is difficult. These creatures are hard to spot as they move quickly. Also, as they reside in dark places, they are even harder to spot on a few days. Here are a few reasons why you should hire us

  • We get the job done fast and in an efficient manner.
  • A long-term solution to your pest problems. When we service your house, we’ll make sure that the pests don’t invade your house for a long time.
  • We’ll pest-proof your house. Our team of experts will make sure that pests don’t enter your house again for a long time.
  • Our team consists of trained and experienced professionals. They have been doing this for a long time. Hence with their experience and skills, the pests won’t have any place else to hide.
  • We provide efficient services. Though killing such sneaky small insects takes time, we’ll do it fast and in an efficient manner.
  • Our services are available at affordable rates. We provide quality services at the best rates. Unlike many others, we charge a decent amount.

Hire Best Silverfish Pest Control Experts in Canberra Today

My Home Pest Control is the leading Silverfish pest control company in Canberra. We are an expert in dealing with silverfish infestation at your home.

  • Our silverfish pest control experts in Canberra eliminate silverfish in accordance with safety and health regulations
  • We have local, skilled, and licensed pest control experts.
  • We can provide same-day or an emergency visit for eliminating silverfish from your place
  • Our customer support is available 24 * 7.

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FAQ’s on Silverfish Control Canberra

Q- How do you kill a silverfish colony?

To kill a silverfish colony, we use boric acid. Start the process with a portion of boric acid and the required amount of water and make a solution. We take the solution in a bottle and spray the solution all over the affected area. In case of a severe silverfish infestation, also spread boric acid directly on the colony. We let the solution rest for a while and the boric acid will start to suffocate the insects, resulting in the death of insects.

Q- What naturally kills silverfish?

Sunlight and air kill silverfishes naturally due to their low heat tolerance.

Q- Do silverfish live in mattresses?

Silverfishes can take shelter in a mattress with no light and air.