How to stop bed bug infestation in your house

Is bed bugs bugging you at night? Crap!! You have bed bug infestation in your house. Now, you have to do something, in order to get rid of them. This creature sucks the blood of you and your family members. Unlike mosquitoes, they don’t fly or jump; but they crawl and live under your bed. They need the blood of humans or other warm-blooded animals to feed themselves. But don’t think that cutting their meal would starve them to death, they have a strong metabolism. Bed bugs do not necessarily hide under the bed, they can hide anywhere in dark, cracked walls, ceilings and furniture etc. To get rid of them try these simple tips to stop them from sucking your blood.

Find out the bugs

Few days, observe their activities and look into the suspected area where they’re hiding (for example, mattress, sofas, carpets, cracked walls or other furniture). Once you find out the places, pin the area.

Tip 1- Use anti-bed-bug spray

Spray the chemicals to kill them. Once they’re dead, vacuum the area and sanitize it. Seal and repair all the cracks, where they were infested.

Tip 2- Inspection of mattress or bed

If your mattress or any other wood or fabric material is heavily infested with bed-bugs. You might need to discard them, wood and fabric provide the secure condition for bed bugs. Thus, it’s difficult to completely remove the bed bugs from mattress and furniture. The eggs were still be their.

Tip 3- Infestation in the carpet

If the infestation has occurred in the carpet, you can get rid of it. Deep clean the carpet, using a hot extractor machine. Deep cleaning would kill the bed bugs. Vacuum the carpet daily and sprinkle silica gel for preventing bed bugs from coming again.

Tip 4- Cover your mattress and maintain cleanliness

Use a plastic zipper to stop entering bed bugs into the mattress. Although this is true that bed bugs inhabit in unhygienic places, but they can live in clean places as well. All, they need is appropriate temperature and humans to feed.

Choose professionals for complete removal

My Home Pest Control is a recognized pest control solution provider. We have different ways to control bed bug infestation. We use the environment-friendly chemical to control pest and we completely block their infestation. Call us and book for bed bugs removal, we have various kind of solution to offer.

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Pest Control Service