How to get rid of spiders in your house

Spiders are the type of insects which prefer to live in an outdoor environment but a crisis of food brings them inside your home. While it’s a fact that they will not cause any damage to your home physically, the presence of them is still dangerous for you. The situation becomes all the more worst when they bite you and they can also spread various types of diseases. Moreover, some of them are even venomous. Hence, most of the people want to get rid of them as early as possible. Moreover, there are so many chemicals and pesticides to kill them but in most of the situations, they don’t give an affirmative result. Also, these chemicals and pesticides are often harmful to our loving family and pets. Here are some of the tips you can follow in order to get rid of spiders permanently from your home.

  • Keep spiders out, to begin with :

To get rid of spiders you have to avoid an environment which is preferable to spiders. Since spiders are usually outdoors insects, they generally tend to live in plants, piles of leaves or wood or dark undisturbed places.  Having these types of environment in your house can welcome spiders which can make their permanent residence at such places. If you have holes in our home, basically in your bathrooms or kitchen, it acts as a green signal to the spiders for their entry. Sealing such holes appropriately can prevent spiders from getting into your home.

  • Get rid of their food source and shelter:

Spiders usually hunt small insects as their food. So, in order to get rid of spiders, you have to take steps to get rid of these insects as well. Cleaning your home regularly is the best way to prevent spiders as well as its prey. Some web-building spider species prefer making their shelter at the corner of the sealing. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the sealing or use good quality of rough dusters to knock them down.

  • Set spider traps:

This is a method which can, apart from trapping spiders can trap human beings as well. By using an Aroma you can create a pleasant environment which can attract spiders. But bear in mind that these types of insecticides are highly dangerous for your family and pets. After you are successful in your task, you must remove the traps along with the dead spiders safely from your home.

The spider traps are effective at times, these are not the permanent solution to get rid of spiders from your home.

  • Use poison to get rid of spiders :

Spiders are attracted by a particular aroma. So, most of the poisons are made up of aroma to attract the spiders easily. But note that you have to remove the food sources of spiders before applying this method. After taking the poison the spiders don’t die immediately. The poison takes around 30 minutes to start the reaction in their body.

But keep in mind that these kinds of insecticides are very harmful to your children and pets. Hence, do not use this method if you have pets or kids at home as they can accidentally eat or put the poison in their eyes.

  • Use a spider repellent:

There are also plenty of spider repellants available in the market which you can use. Spiders make their home in dark or undisturbed places in your home. So, not many efforts are required to find them. The best way to prevent them, however, is to keep your home neat and clean. This acts as an unfavorable condition for spiders to survive.

Spider repellent prevents spiders from your home by spreading a scent which is disliked by spiders. They cannot stay in that environment. This method is an important step to get rid of spiders permanently from your home. But note that you have to use this repellent regularly in your home until all the spiders vanish.

  • Get a cat:

Cats are naturally good to keep the spider population down. To get rid of spiders you can bring a cat into your home.

  • Onion :

This method is prevalent for a very long time. Just slice up onions, toss them in a bowl of water and place them to the suspected places.

Take professional help-

If none of the methods work out for you, you can always avail professional help to get rid of the same. This will help keep your home completely spider-free. Moreover, professionals will be able to spot spider webs and spot and make sure that they don’t exist even in the tough to reach corners. My Home Pest Control is a trustworthy source to get rid of spiders. No matter whether it’s an outdoor space, an indoor one or a commercial space, making it free from spiders is no more a difficult task. Just call on 02 6105 9139 to make your space spider-free instantly.