How to Get Rid of Rats at Home

Although there is a wide range of expensive, latest technology rat control devices available in the market, you can also try some cheap, effective ways to solve the problem. Read this blog, and you will learn how to get rid of the rats effectively.

Awesome Get Rid of Rats

Awesome Get Rid of Rats

You might have seen a wooden rat trap, which is one of the best tools for catching these small animals. You can get this tool in the local market. If you have an old home, then there are fair chances that the rats are hiding in the attic, and you should put as many traps in action. In a few days, you will see that the rat population at your home is reduced to several folds. You need not spend extra money on commercial baits as you can use nuts, small pieces of bread, or peanut butter as baits.

Always put the traps in the direction of rat runs and the places where according to you the rat population is more. Don’t forget to empty the traps every day, and placing them in different places. Catching rats by wooden traps is considered as the most common methods, which is also used by professional pest control service companies in Brisbane.

Once you finished with trapping the rats, it is the time to check do a complete inspection of walls and doors. This is to find the cracks, which might have been used by the rats to enter your home. The best advice to ensure rat control is to repair all the cracks you found, whether small or large. However, you can put metal pieces, pebbles, and other materials that rats can’t chew in the holes. You need not spend a lot of money on the repair material and can use the construction waste, unused wire mesh, or other materials.

Get Rid of Rats

Get Rid of Rats

The next step is to make your home unattractive for the little guests so that they don’t come back. For this, you need to make your living space neat and clean. Always make sure the garbage cans have lids properly closed, there are no food spills and other sources of attraction for the rats. Don’t forget to clean the sink and food preparation area before you go to sleep. Put food packets and leftovers in the garbage can, and always keep it closed.

In addition, clean all the kitchen areas like cabinets, shelves, etc. with the help of a small cloth, and check all the places where you think rats can hide in. However, you may find out plants growing against the outer walls of your home, you need not to do anything with that. This is because these plants may keep rats busy in their own way. But, you should not let any bushes and tree branches connecting your home to the other homes or open ground as these can be the way for rats to come into your living space.

Thus, in the end, we can figure out that getting rid of the rats at home is not a herculean task but needs time and energy to clean up things.

If you don’t want to make your own efforts for controlling the rat problem at home, then you should call a reputed pest control company for help.
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