Getting Rid of Bedbugs Is Easy With Professional Pest Control Canberra

Bedbugs, unfortunately, find easy entry to your home. These pests are commonly hiding in mattresses and bedding areas. But they don’t leave the opportunity to lurk in luggage, old furniture, and personal belongings. Therefore, you must be careful while travelling. However, if they enter your home, calling a Pest Control Canberra is the best thing you can do. Let us see what other things you can do to get rid of them.

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How Do You Know About The Bedbug Infestation?

Bedbugs are tiny creatures, and most of the time, infestation remains unnoticed. However, you should look for common signs of infestation:

  • bloodstains or red stains
  • pale yellow eggs and shell capsule
  • rusty droppings
  • waking up with itchy rashes
  • apple seed-sized oval shape bugs

How To Get Rid Of Bedbugs?

Once you confirm the infestation of bedbugs, then here Pest Control experts Canberra suggests some steps to follow:

Inspect The Areas Where They Are Hiding:

A step of bedbug inspection will bring you closer to the process of getting rid of bedbugs. Therefore, carefully inspect the bedding and adjoining area. Additionally, check the furniture, cushion, curtains, and carpeted areas. If you frequently travel, check the luggage, clothing, cupboard, and other belongings you carry.

Begin The Cleaning Process:

Now you know where the active infestation is, so start with vacuuming. It helps in sucking the larvae from the furniture, carpets, bed joints, and other areas. After that, a reputed pest control company in Canberra suggests washing and drying all the fabrics in a high heat setting. For non-washable items, dry them in sunlight or use heat to kill bugs. Additionally, remove the unused papers, containers, boxes, clothes, etc for eradication and extermination of bed bug infestation.

Seal The Hiding Spot:

Consider using the cover for mattresses, chairs, sofa, etc., to limit their hiding spot. Fill the cracks or corners and other damaged areas so that they don’t find any hiding place.

Monitor The Infested Area:

One way for bedbug extermination is keeping an eye on the infected area for at least a few months. Or you can also use frequent heat of steam to kill the eggs and bedbugs.

Find A Service Provider For Pest Control In Canberra:

Though you can use bait, shop-available insecticide, and traps, they aren’t much effective. But a professional exterminator is the most effective and fastest way for bedbug removal. You should look for experienced and highly trained service providers in your area by typing “pest control near me.”


Everybody wants to get rid of the pests like bedbugs as soon as possible. A professional company like My Home Pest Control Canberra inspects and discusses the treatment plans with the property owners. They effectively treat bedbugs as well as help to prevent a future attack.