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Ant Control Canberra

Best Ant Control Company in Canberra

With My Home Pest Control team by your side, you don’t need to look for the best ant control company in Canberra. Our local team for Ant Control Canberra is available 24 hours day and night in Canberra to serve you with the needed ant treatment. Also, we offer our skilled ant controllers to check and provide some regular use tips and tricks to avoid ants. So, get in touch with us for the best ant removal service in Canberra.

Best Ant Control Services in Canberra, ACT

Ant Control Canberra – Ants are little insects that have a node-like body structure. Also, they have long antennas emerging from the front, which makes them easily recognizable. Ants usually live in huge colonies. There are around 22000 species of ants.

Ant Control Canberra

Ants are present almost everywhere. They have colonized almost the whole earth, with only Antarctica left. This is what makes them so dangerous. They are everywhere and are attracted to sweet things.

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Ant Eradication Experts in Canberra

As mentioned above, ants are found everywhere. So it is important that your house is free from all ants and other insects. Canberra city has many species of ant. However, they are easy to drive away from a home. Here are certain things you can do to drive ants away from your home.

  • Sprinkle little amounts of cinnamon at the entry points of ants. Doing so will prohibit them from using that entry point again.
  • Rub Vaseline near the colonies of ants.
  • If there are certain areas where ants always crawl, then sprinkle some essential oil into a cotton ball and rub it in those areas.

Ant Control Canberra: Signs of Ant Infestation

Ants infestation can be identified by observing the following signs:
I.If you see the line of ants in your house.
II. You keep anything unpacked or open and after a few hours, you can see ants into it.
III. The ants in the clothes hanging in the cupboards.
IV. Ants moving on the floor of the house even though you clean them a number of times.

Commercial Ant Control Services Canberra

Save Your Business From The Attack of These Tiny Creatures. These tiny creatures can get into business in inevitable ways and ruin it. The presence of ants in the food material will either make it a waste or you need workers to separate the ants. Get commercial Ants Pest Control services from My Home Pest control. Our Service will kill and clean out all the ants so that you can run your business inflow and make big benefits.

Typical Ant Species Found in Canberra

Australia currently holds 5000 of 22000 species found in the world. As a result, there are a number of ant species commonly in Australia. Some of the most commonly found are:

  • Black House Ant

    These are the most commonly found ant species. These ants like to live in groups. Their colony is large which is situated near or inside the house. As their name suggests, they are black in color. Also, their skin tone is shiny which makes them easy to recognize.

  • Argentine Ant

    These types of ants usually work alone. They are dark chocolate in color and do not bite. However, their sting is painful and usually stops blood coagulation. Their sting also leaves behind a huge red mark, which is itchy like other bee stings.

  • Fire Ant

    Fire ants are often the queen of the colony. As a result, they don’t much work and are hard to see. They rarely come out of their burrows. However, they are hard to spot. They have a copper-like brown color and also reproduce in large amounts.

  • Whitefotted House Ant

    They are also found in homes. They usually reside in places that are inside the human home. Most of their ‘homes’ are of damp and humid nature. They like living in little holes and also near the kitchen sink.

  • Green Ant

    As their name suggests, these ants are green in color. Their head is also of green color but is distinctive from their body. They have a characteristic foul-smelling odor.

  • Singapore Ant

    These ants are known to be chewers. They also inflict heavy damage to property and upholstery items. They like living near plants. Also, they like nesting in flower pots. They have a characteristic light brown color and the color of their mainframe differs from their main body.

Ant Control Canberra, ACT: Damage Caused By Ants

Ants are dangerous insects. They bite humans and inflict damage upon the property.

  • Ants species like Fire ants often sting humans and pets. So they need to be dealt with extra caution and care. Also, they are hard to notice and are even harder to kill. They move fast and often zero in on their target way before getting a spot. Their sting isn’t deadly. However, it causes lots of pain, itching and becomes red and swollen.
  • Carpenter Ants are known to eat furniture and other building material. The damage done by them is little as compared to termites (which make the wood hollow from inside) but the damage done by them is still considerate.
  • Ants have a huge affinity for sweet food. In summers, it is quite common for ants to roam around in your kitchen, looking for anything which is sweet. If you drop a sugar crystal in your kitchen, the ants will swarm it in a matter of seconds.
  • Ants are quite common in every household. A lot of ant species (Argentine ant, house ants) often roam in your house. They also are known to sting. However, these ants don’t cause much damage.

Effective Ant Control Process By Ant Control Specialists

My Home Pest Control is an expert in ant control infestation with decades of experience. We follow a systematic approach to remove ants from your place. Here is how our ant control experts do it:

  • If your home has a huge colony of ants living, then we look towards wiping the entire colony itself.
  • We start by laying some basic food bait traps. These traps are poisonous in nature. Once an ant sees a food item, it comes in and eats it.
  • The poisonous and then goes back to its colony. We closely follow the ant.
  • Once we uncover their colony, we use a strong insecticide to kill the entire colony.
  • If there isn’t a huge colony of ants living in your house, we use basic techniques to kill the ants. We spray the insides and outside of your house with a chemical. This forces all the ants to come out. We also sometimes use ant traps to catch the ants alive.

Why Hire Our Ant Control Canberra Services?

We have been serving our clients for almost 2 decades now. With thousands of happy customers, we can safely say that we are the best in business. Here are certain reasons why you should hire My Home Pest Control:

  • We make sure that we provide long-term solutions. Once we visit your house, we make sure that the ants don’t infect it in the near future.
  • We provide affordable services at low prices. As a result, our customers are always happy as they pay quite less and the service that they get is top-class.
  • Eco-friendly ways to capture ants. We only kill them if there is no other alternative.
  • We use high-quality and eco-friendly chemicals

Get rid of ants today! Hire ant control experts from My Home Pest Control today!

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