5 Signs You Have Termites Infestation at Your Home

Most of the properties furnished with timber are most likely to get damaged by dangerous pests i.e. termites. Termites can infest at any place and can exist for years without giving any visible signs. In fact, these are the most dangerous pest that can severely damage your property.

It’s very necessary to identify termites infestation at home to get timely services of pest control Canberra to save your property.

Termites Infestation Removal Canberra

 Early Signs to Identify Termites Infestation at Your Home:

  • Mud Tubes

Mud tubes are the major sign of the existence of termites. Termites usually enter from the ground and form mud tubes on the walls and wooden furnishing. Merely removing the mud tubes is not an optimal solution, as termites would kick in again. You should immediately hire the services of My Home Pest Control Canberra to control termites.

  • Damaged or Hollowed Wood

Hollowed wood or damaged doors, cupboards, windows from surface or corners, clearly indicates the active termites at your home. Sometimes, small holes are also seen as a sign of damaged caused by termites. These holes can be so trivial just like a needle prick. However, this can damage the whole structure of your home.

  • Head Banging

There is another sign of termite infestation that is clicking sounds made by them from inside the walls. Soldier termites bang their heads against walls or shake their bodies to alert others about the danger if something happens to their colony. You can hear those noisy feeders if you focus a bit closer.

  • Bubbled paint

If you ever notice bubbling paint on your property then it is possibly a sign of either water damage or termite infestation. You can call professionals for proper identification to take timely termite control services.

  • Discarded Wings

During the late monsoon, termites generally swarm to another place to find a fresh colony. They swarm to other places to make their nest in a fresh colony. While they swarm, they find a new mate and begin mating. Before mating, they shed their wings. So, when you see discarded wings of termites, it indicates termites have kicked in.


Termites are the sneakiest creatures that probably pose a high danger to your property. You must be very careful to detect the termites at an early stage as they are capable of damaging the whole structure of your house if not treated at the right time. You can look for the above-given signs and hire reliable experts in pest control in Canberra.