Pest Control Melbourne

Pest Control Melbourne

My home Pest Control Melbourne provide same day residential and commercial pest control services in Melbourne.We use Eco-Friendly pest control chemicals to kill Rodents , Ants, Bees, Cockroaches, White ants, Mosquito,  Wasp etc. Certified pest controllers eradication for your safer home. Call 1800 122 695 to book professional pest controller today !


Melbourne Pest Services

Melbourne Pest Services

  1. Rodent Control
  2. Cockroaches Pest Control
  3. Mosquito Pest Control
  4. Pest Removal Services
  5. Flea Pest Control
  6. Guaranteed Pest Inspection Service
  7. Eco Friendly Services

Residential and Commercial Pest control Melbourne

Just moved into a new apartment and can’t deal with spider webs hanging from each corner of the house? Your neighborhood facing increased rodent population for some reason that you or others in the area are unable to identify? Starting with the construction of your new house but the soul happens to be infected with termites? Just received a call from the warehouse that the new shipment of t-shirts got ruined by bug bites? If you are one of the people facing either any of these or any other pest problems, we are here to provide you with pest control in Melbourne for any commercial or residential site, no matter how serious the problem. These pests would are no match to our natural pest control remedies and specially designed pest control techniques that would get rid of any sort of pest infestation and won’t allow it to return. Whatever it is that is ruining your peace of mind, we have got it covered!

Pest Control Melbourne

Pest Control Melbourne

Why Choose My Home Pest Control?

  1. Over 10 years experience in pest control industry
  2. Competitive all kinds of pest control prices
  3. Pest controllers available in northern, eastern, western & southern suburbs
  4. Eco Friendly Pest Control Methods
  5. Professional Pest Inspection & Removal Service
  6. Local Professional Pest Controllers
  7. FREE quotes over the phone

Our Same Day Pest control Services in Melbourne includes:

The amount of havoc that these creatures can create is nothing compared to their small size. Our pest control services cover a wide range of species including

  1. Ants control
  2. Cockroaches control
  3. Termites control
  4. Beetles control
  5. Wasps control
  6. Spiders control
  7. Fleas control
  8. Flies control
  9. Mosquitoes control
  10. Mites control
  11. Bed bugs control
  12. Rats control
  13. Rodents control
  14. Mice control
  15. Possum control
  16. Silverfish control
  17. Bat control
  18. Other pests

Pest Control Melbourne

Some of these species inhabit dense population areas such as markets, hotels and cafes etc. while
some are present in abandoned places like warehouses or empty
houses and only a licensed expert in the field can understand
their behaviors and provide with right prevention and control

Eco Friendly Pest Control Melbourne

We have the best team of licensed experts who are equipped with
the latest tools and techniques including pest control
and pest control machines that
are consistent with the industry standards and offer long term
solution to all sorts of pest problems. 
Our Eco-friendly pest control services are
guaranteed only to harm these pests without any harm to your
children or pets.

Pest Control Melbourne

Our Pest Control Services in Melbourne includes:

  • Inspection for presence of pest infestation in soil or areas that are not visible to the eye
  • Identification of type of pests and the severity of problem
  • Discuss the available options that best provide the solution and suits the client needs according to their requirement and budget
  • Pre services for early prevention in construction sites especially from termites
  • Pest eradication and disinfection services in areas that are affected including residential and commercial through
    1. Heat treatments for pest removal
    2. Fumigation
    3. Pest control sprays
    4. Mice and bat traps for mice and bat control
    5. Electronic heaters for flies and mosquitoes control
  • Providing services in flexible hours for you and your family with Minimum Disruption in your normal routine
  • Same day services to provide pest control services on the very day of request.
  • Follow up visits to check for any signs of return
  • Heat treatments for pest removal
  • Fumigation
  • Pest control sprays
  • Muse and bat traps
  • Electronic heaters for flies and mosquitoes
  • Providing these services with Minimum Disruption in your
    normal routine
  • Follow up visits to check for any signs of return
  • Future protection
  • Client’s education on how to prevent the problem from
  • Emergency checkups

We charge for the services and not to fill our pockets. Call on 1800-122-695 to inquire for a free quote and schedule a meeting with your local team for your pest control problems and we ensure to provide the most competitive quotes for any of the above mentioned pest control services in the entire city of Melbourne.

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Customer’s Reviews

Bye Bye Pest Issue

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My Home Pest Control Melbourne follows the best way to control the pests like mice, bed bugs, ants and cockroaches. Do not dare to do it by your own. It may cause you some serious issues. They investigate the matter and analyze the degree of infestation before treating it. My Home Pest Control use less pesticides to get rid of the issue. Pesticide are the toxin. My Home Pest Control use Pesticide as the last resort if they find reasons to use them.

Great Pest Cleaning

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Hey ladies...don't waste all your time in moping the pest wastage on your kitchen table. Get yourself free from the mess. Book My Home Pest-control today. They can help you out from the issue through applying proper doses of pesticides. They are not very expensive. Now you can book their services with a easy phone call. I tried it last month and got a good result. Thank you My Home Pest-control for your kind help.

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